‘Haibike sduro Nduro 6.0 – Electric Bicycle – 27.5 Black 2017

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‘The Nduro Series offers true 180 mm Eenduro Gene For The Sduro Class. Yamaha PW Antriebder proven Yamaha PW motor is a powerful and extremely reliable motor. It uses due to its (Zero cadence) supports Support the driver from the first handle turn. As one of the few agent allows the engines to it, and have dual chainring, which provides a larger Übersetzungsbandbreite & making it an even better up and downhill. To make this high maximum torque of up to 80 Nm, to its compact size and the low noise to be one of the best drives the jacket has been cut to an active electric bicycles.Yamaha Multi Function LCD Displaydas proven Yamaha multi-function display gives a quick overview of all provide all the information of the Yamaha System. The removable screen is simple thanks to the left hand side of the handlebar mounted remote from the handle made of usable when the case is on. Thanks to the special holder can use it in different convenient stand positions install with technical specifications found on the third image. You can view the information include the choice and displays support levels (off, with, Eco, Standard, High), as well as the display of the battery charging Tandes, residual range, driving, Durchschnitts and maximum speed, daily and total mileage, time and the current support Mill. Activated via the remote the light on or off and off as well as a sliding aid up to 6 km/h.Ski dplate even Emtbs are Aufsetzer or mineral, strikes, motor serious about damage can, ingrained soiling and the bustle of everyday life. Why Haibike’s status as the world first manufacturer in the already 2012 the ski dplate into the vagina, a protection element to protect the motor from below.This means that the concept of a “victim Component’s: similar to a helmet, thanks to distortion or destruction those impact forces that, as well as the much more expensive engine damage. HAIBIKE also has a special, solid impact-resistant plastic used for this reason. This allows you to…
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