AEROBIKE Electric Bike Mens Hybrid eBike Bicycle 28” Wheels Pedal Assisted Mountain Bike 36v Li-ion Battery SRAM Automatix Gear System

The X-Ride, from Aerobike, is a power assisted eBike that lets you go further. Enjoy cycling and get ready to explore.
It’s the cycling you know, but with a hidden helping hand you’ll come to love. Torque sensors and an advanced computer work together to analyse your pedal power, and when you’re really pedalling hard, the bike pushers harder. How does it push harder? Well that’s the clever bit.
When the computer thinks you need help, it tells the motor, housed in the front wheel, to kick in. This means you can get up hills easier, go further and get a boost up to 15mph. If you want to pedal faster, to go even quicker, you can do that too.

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